Why Choose Us.

Our services are available at no cost to the homeowner for short sales.

Upside Down CA is your greatest ally in the great state of California to either keep your home or save your credit.

Why Us!
Why Choose Us? – We have been in the trenches of the post-recession real estate market for the past few years and have not only the real estate expertise to assist you but also the legal backing to get things done. We are strategically partnered with an experienced attorney who specializes in financial matters and is also a real estate broker. Our services are available at no cost to the homeowner for short sales, as we are only paid by the lender once your short sale is completed. Our offices are in Sacramento, CA but we can assist anyone in the state of California.

Call us toll free today at (916).442.6400.

Many of our clients are facing new challenges in their financial lives. A lot of the people we help are stuck in situations beyond their control. The housing market’s decline and life’s progression have gotten the better of too many homeowners in the modern economy. Upside Down CA can help you escape from your prison of a house. We will be sure to communicate what is happening with your home and will guide you through the process step-by-step.

A few have been lucky or wise enough to maintain their financial integrity through the nation’s struggle but feel threatened by a loan that is now nowhere close to the current value of their home. Thanks to new changes in Federal regulation, we can also help those without financial hardship who are looking to get out from under their negative equity. You no longer have to prove hardship to take advantage of some currently available Federal programs.

Sometimes a short sale is not possible so we can also assist our customers with deed-in-lieu situations as well. Thanks to the attorney’s assistance we can easily refer you for assistance with bankruptcy, loan modifications, and debt negotiation if we determine that your needs may be best met in another manner.

Why Should I Choose Upside Down CA to Help Me Avoid Foreclosure?

1. Experienced legal counsel and real estate expert with a decade’s worth of experience.
2. Licensed agents to market your house and keep the ball rolling.
3. No out of pocket expense for you, the lender pays us only when it is sold.
4. An experienced support staff who can help answer your questions.
5. The banks have lawyers in their corner and so should you!
6. Enhanced negotiation techniques and strategies to win your case.

Avoid Scammers

There are more than a few unscrupulous individuals out there who are ready and waiting to take advantage of unwitting homeowners. If you are asked to pay an upfront fee to the short sale negotiator, instructed to make your mortgage payments to a company other than your lender, or as an agent, you are asked to pay for a certification outside of your license you may be a potential victim of fraud.

Are You an Investor and Looking to Buy or Looking for a New Home?

We have buyer’s agents ready and waiting to help you navigate today’s market. Updated Federal guidelines, a low inventory, and a recent uptick on home values make the real estate seas even tougher to sail now. Let Upside Down CA guide you to your new rental property or second home today!

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Ted A. Greene

Ted A. Greene

California Licensed

Attorney and Broker
DRE: 0108406
BAR: 220392

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