Qualified Written Request –How to Use It

A qualified written request is a letter that you can send to your lender to ask for information relating to your loan or to dispute errors about your loan account.

When writing a qualified written request, you should NOT write your question on your mortgage statement or payment coupon. It should be written on its own sheet of paper. Remember to include information that can help the servicer identify who you are: name, service address, account number of the borrower.

In your letter, write a statement of reasons why you believe that your lender has made an error to your account or write a detailed explanation as to information relating to your loan.

The U.S. Department of Urban Housing and Development (HUD) have a sample QWR on their website you can follow.

When you are done writing your QWR, you should send it in certified mail and request a return receipt so you will have confirmation of the arrival of your letter.

Be sure to find the address that the lender uses for receiving QWRs. Sometimes, this address may be different from where you send your payment, or could be even different from the customer service address. It’s always a good idea to write: THIS IS A QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST UNDER SECTION 6 OF THE REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENT PROCEDURES ACT (RESPA).

When your lender receives your request it has 20 business days to acknowledge your QWR. They then have 60 business days after it receives your QWR to provide the corrections, clarifications, or information you request, or explain why it cannot provide you the information or that the current information on your account is correct.

Their response should include the name and telephone number for the individual, office, or department of the servicer who can provide you with additional assistance if you have any questions.

While you are waiting for their response, continue your payments on your mortgage as scheduled.