Is The Housing Crisis Over?

Is the housing crisis really over?

Most likely it’s not. The article below shows a surprising survey in which 77 percent of Americans believe the crisis is still here. I have to admit that while I do know that there is still some pain to go I had no idea that the number of average people who also believed this was so high.


This type of survey is the most important kind because it gets the statistic from those who matter the most – everyday Americans. If your mortgage is upside down and you are not sure what to do, you don’t really show up in most surveys or statistics.

But when someone asks your opinion about the housing crisis you will tell them your true feelings. The media reports of the recent good news don’t ever get to the level that this recent survey did. The recent uptick which caused the good news reporting was largely based on a lot of “investors” buying up investments. Another cause was the slowdown of foreclosures due to the Attorney Generals settlement. That doesn’t help the average homeowner and as a matter of fact, the first quarter of 2013 shows an uptick in foreclosures. It’s no wonder most people aren’t feeling well about the housing market right now.

The average homeowner either has an upside down mortgage or knows someone who does. The water cooler talk at the office or the unemployment line is still about the housing mess.

Of course there are parts of the country doing okay and didn’t experience a real estate bubble. So when you look at national statistics it gets even harder to come away with information that means anything to anybody. It also means that the places that are bad are heavily affected if the average doesn’t look so horrible.

What most Americans do know very well is what is happening in their neighborhood and this recent survey paints a continuing picture of despair to quite a lot of folks.

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