Is a Real Estate Short Sale Right for You?

Due to the economic you may find yourself in a Financial Hardship.  A Short Sale is a consideration for some people…not all.  Take a look at your options below. 

We Complete Short Sales at Zero Cost to You!

A “Short Sale” is a sale that does not produce sufficient funds to pay off the existing monetary encumbrances against the property after the costs of sale have been subtracted.  Seller’s creditors are third parties who have an interest in the Property in the form of a deed of trust, some other security, or a lien (like a tax bill).  A Short Sale will require the consent of the Seller’s creditors in order for the sale to close. This is because the Seller’s creditors will have to agree to accept less than the outstanding amount of Seller’s debt that is owed to the creditors.  In order to secure the creditors approval demonstration of a financial hardship is required. Hardships come in many forms and can also be the accumulation of many factors.

Consideration of entering into a Short Sale presents one of the most complicated real estate transactions you can do in today’s market.  Failure to look at and get professional advise before hand could result in even larger problems after the fact.  At the least you will need a Real Estate Attorney as the starting point because it’s the legal issue that should be your biggest concern. A Real Estate agent does not know the law and cannot give legal advice even if they do. After you know your rights and the legal consequences of your options then you need a Real Estate Short Sale Expert and sometimes an accountant.


Here are some of those options:

1. Do nothing (continue to pay the mortgage and wait for the market to improve)

2. Sell (sell the property in a conventional manner and if you are short cash to close pay
for it out of your pocket)

3. Short Sale (sell the property under a lender approved hardship and let the lender
absorb any deficiencies)

4. Deed in-Lieu of Foreclosure (in some cases a lender will agree to take the property
back in lieu of foreclosing)

5. Foreclosure (walk away and let the lender foreclose)
All 5 of these options have complicated and impacting implications.  Everybody’s situation is unique and your case needs to be evaluated separately.

With the amount of foreclosure activity currently happening you need a clear understanding of your options.  When you choose us as your Short Sale Specialists you are benefitting from a group that has successfully taken advanced classes on dealing with banks in short sale techniques and procedures along with 100’s of closed short sale transactions. We have a fulltime attorney on staff who is also a Real Estate broker. We have a staff that is totally focused on every nuance of the short sale process. You will have direct access to the attorney and all staff. That is the team you want on your side during this tough time. We can even do a bankruptcy analysis for you should the need arise.

If you want a free private consultation regarding your options and what may work best for you, fill out this form today, and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours to set up a convenient time to talk.  All information is treated as strictly confidential.


DO NOT WAIT until the last minute or it could be too late. You do not want a foreclosure on your record. Call us today and we will analyze your situation and explain your legal rights and the good news is that it doesn’t cost you anything. The worst thing you can do right now is nothing. Make the call today and take charge of your situation. We operate through out the state of California and the toll free number is 916.442.6400 or We look forward to talking to you today.