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We are a real estate company with a difference. We have a FULL-TIME ATTORNEY on our team who is an expert in real estate.You will get not only a FREE consultation but also the attorney will negotiate the short sale with your bank on your behalf – all at NO COST to you.We have created a system where the banks and the buyers pay all the fees and costs – so you don’t have to!

We have been doing short sales from the beginning and have done 100’s and 100’s of them. We have dealt with all the lenders and have come across just about any situation you could imagine. We pride ourselves on serving your needs and will make sure you don’t end up with a deficiency.

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Attorney/ Broker – Ted A. Greene

Ted A. Greene, Broker/Attorney/owner of Upside-Down CA is a Realtor and member of Sacramento Association of Realtors, and is the Listing Agent and team leader of Upside-Down California. Ted has helped thousands of people throughout California and is known as one of the most successful short sale agent/attorneys in California.

He has been a real estate professional and an attorney for many years and is considered an Expert in this complex area. Ted along with his team are all highly experienced in working with lenders on short sales and they know how to handle the many different situations that come up while in negotiations. The banks quite often don’t pay much attention to a real estate agent but they do listen to an attorney. Perhaps a short sale is not the right decision for you; Ted will listen to your particular situation and provide you with all the options in relation to your specific needs and most importantly he will explain the LEGAL consequences of those options.

Real estate agents cannot give legal advice and when they do it’s usually bad advice. If you have any questions regarding the short sale process Ted can answer any of those questions at no obligation to you. And please remember that if Ted helps you with your short sale it costs you NOTHING. Ted has created a process where the banks and buyers pay ALL the fees and costs so you pay nothing. The banks have lawyers on their side and now you can too. Simply call him at 916-442-6400 or register on this website and he will call you back right away and personally analyze your situation for free. Don’t wait since most of the programs now available to homeowners will not be available forever.

Upside Down CA – Why Choose Us

short sale example

If done correctly, a Short Sale could be the best option for you. You list and sell the house for the current fair market value and walk away with no money, but a fresh start.

At least, that’s what will happen if you list the house with an agent who is experienced in handling successful short sales.

The truth is, your lender can also come back to you for a deficiency in a short sale. It’s one of those details that must be negotiated with the asset manager and the lender before you sign the closing papers.

Unfortunately, many real estate agents today are listing short sale properties without knowing how to conduct that negotiation, and their sellers are paying the price for that lack of knowledge.
In other cases, listings that begin as short sales end up going into foreclosure.

  • Do you have a modification that is about to reset to the point that it is no longer affordable?
  • Do you have a Balloon Payment rapidly approaching?
  • Is your Adjustable Rate Mortgage about to become a fully amortizing loan and you simply can’t afford the payment?
  • Over the next 3 years a large number of people will face these scenarios. NOW is the time to start figuring out what your options are.

California’s Premier Short Sale Experts

The Premier Group for Troubled Homeowners – Short Sales , Loan Modifications, And Wrongful Foreclosure Litigation!
Friendly, Statewide, Knowledgeable

UpsideDownCa was founded by Attorney Ted A. Greene to provide qualified underwater homeowners the best in short sale representation. Back in 2007 he was in a prime position to reach out and help underwater homeowners. And since then he has helped hundreds of homeowners who don’t quite know what to do with their upside down mortgage.

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Successful financial plans

“Want to sell your home, but owe more than your home is worth?
Let us help Short Sale your home!!!”

Get the best attorney in California to represent you at no cost to you, we make the banks and buyers pay all the attorneys fees.

Short sale is legal in nature, you need legal advice.

You might have questions such as:

Will the bank touch my retirement accounts?
What about the deficiency due to the short sale?
What happens if congress does not extend the debt forgiveness act?

All this questions are legal in nature, you need the best, most experience attorney working on your behalf when negotiating the short sale of your house with the banks.

If you are currently facing foreclosure, are a few months behind on your mortgage, or the value of your home has dropped significantly we can help. We will review your options with you and help you decide your best course of action. You don’t need to face this alone, the banks have attorneys on their side and so should you.

Unsure of what you need to do! Fill in the below from and one of our experts will get back to you to answer any questions you might have.



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